Music Therapy for Health and Wellness |

Music therapy

Music Therapy for Health and Wellness |

Music is magic, we all love our respective genres of music, and there isn’t any person on earth who doesn’t like music at all. So what is this characteristic of music that it has the ability to enthral everyone who comes it’s way? And more importantly, how can this ability of music be used as therapy? Well, let’s get to know more in this post:

1. Link to various moods:

Music is often linked to mood. That’s why the choice of music we make depends on our mood. Either we choose peppy music to brighten up a sour mood, or we choose some sad songs to complement our depressed mood – either way, music works. The fact that music has a significant impact and influence on the state of mind is what makes it so eligible for being used as a therapy for various ailments.

2. Effective where medicine fails:

There are illnesses or disorders where medicine either fails or takes a lot of time to work. In such cases, music indeed comes in as a savior. The kind of responses acquired when music therapy was put into use is far better, faster and effective as compared to that of medicine. Music especially works wonders in cases of autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Alzheimer’s and other such neuro-disorders.


3. In sync with the body:

Music is not something new to the human body – the fact that we have a major organ in our body thumping rhythmically every other second proves that our body is no stranger to music. And that is precisely why music is so relatable to the body. This also justifies the quick response of the body to music as compared to other therapies.

4. Development of the brain:

Music leads to the comprehensive development of the human mind. A variety of development patterns have been observed – when a person picks up a new musical instrument to learn or listens to some music. The growth of the cognitive and emotional aspects of an individual are closely linked to music – and that’s why music therapy works wonders when used.

Music lover

5. Need not be a music lover:

You need not be a fan of a particular genre of music just for the music therapy to work on you. For instance, you may be a fan of hard rock – but the music therapy used for you is all about soothing, calm classical music! But that doesn’t stop the therapy from doing what it has to – it will still work!

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